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The Problem

 Our client at a railway component distribution centre had a Feral Pigeon problem, they were nesting above their operatives work stations in a narrow gap at the top of a wall and roosting on the beams in the same area.  The birds’ droppings and general debris were falling on staff and equipment below, causing a health hazard for staff working in this area. Not only are the droppings a slip hazard, but there are also the diseases associated with birds. These are ornithosis (often confused with the common cold) and Salmonella (food poisoning).

The Solution

Using a Haulotte Star10 narrow access boom and ladders in one corner, Shield engineers accessed the cavity and installed a 25mm weld mesh system along the length of the wall. This has prevented the birds from accessing this area.

Upstand bird spike was also be fitted to the 1st metre of lighting trunking above the packing area to prevent the birds relocating. Our clients’ staff are now able to go about their daily work free of the previous risks.

How can Shield help?

If you have a problem with feral pigeons please get in touch. All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of pest control and will carry out a survey before deciding on the best course of action, and which products to use. We also offer a comprehensive bio-clean service to remove all fouling and associated debris, reducing the risk to you or your business and leaving the area clean and fresh.

Get in touch today to see how Shield can help you stay compliant. Don’t risk your reputation or your business, call us on 01757 212727 or email [email protected]