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It’s important not to neglect pest control during the current coronavirus pandemic, especially if you are in the food and hospitality sectors. If you are still operating, you are likely under a lot of pressure and may find it difficult to keep up with anything other than production. We can take the stress away by dealing with your pest control so you can concentrate on what’s important.

 If you have had to close your business due to government guidance, pest control is still important. Empty properties are at a higher risk of infestation as there is no one there to monitor things and the pests are free to enter and explore.

We understand that many of you are facing financial difficulties, and an uncertain future, but we would like to help you through this period. We can create a plan to ensure that you stay pest-free and compliant, possibly saving you higher costs in the long run.

We also provide all kinds of biohazard cleaning and disinfectant services for homes, gyms, offices, hospitals, schools, food manufacturing and large warehouses including space fumigation, desk, and computer cleaning and surface disinfectant.

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