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With summer in full swing, it’s essential to keep on top of your hygiene routines, no matter how overworked or short-staffed you are.

Summer is the prime season for pests invading food preparation and serving premises; factories, warehouses, cafes & restaurants, hotels, deli’s and even supermarkets and hospitals are all at risk from pest infestation and should be extra vigilant. Bacteria from pests can cause gastroenteritis from salmonella and listeria.

What pests to look out for

Pests, including ants, rats, cockroaches and pigeons, can all be found in food preparation, storing and serving establishments, so it’s important to know what the warning signs of an infestation are.

  • Rats – You will see droppings, teeth marks, scratches, an unpleasant odour and will most likely see footprints if they inhabit a dusty surface.
  • Ants – The most obvious sign is the actual insects themselves in their telltale line of workers. (They leave a trail of pheromones to help them get back to the food.)
  • Pigeons – Again, the most obvious sign is the pigeons taking up residence on roofs and ledges around your property, with the associated droppings and noise. They nest and cause damage to buildings as well as scavenge for food in bins.
  • Cockroaches – If you have a cockroach problem you will see droppings and may notice an oily, musty odour. You may also see egg cases in dark corners.

The risk to your business

The cost to your business of a pest invasion can be huge. Not only is there the risk of food contamination, and the associated loss of having to throw it away, but there is the loss of revenue when you sort out the problem.

Of course, the worst cost is the risk to your reputation if it becomes public knowledge that you’ve had an infestation. I’m sure you’ve all seen news articles about food businesses having to close because of pests, and with the rise of social media that can be fatal to any business.

So what can you do?

Call in an expert pest control company like Shield, who will take control and help eradicate the problem.

OurBPCA certified inspector will do a full audit of the property to determine the correct procedure, the will then decide on a treatment plan. You will be kept informed about costs at all times.

Once the treatment plan is agreed we will set to work, all work is recorded on our online reporting system ShieldNet, which you will be able to access, and if necessary use as proof to your insurance company or trading standards officers of work carried out.

Once the pests are dealt with we offer a maintenance package to prevent re-infestation, which includes regular inspections and training staff in basic pest control. We also offer a specialist cleaning service to remove all traces of pests and prevent their return.

Tips to prevent re-infestation

  • Keep work surfaces spotlessly clean
  • Sweep floors at least twice a day
  • Block access points
  • Ensure food is stored securely
  • Use antibacterial products, particularly where ants have laid a trail.

If you have any questions or need us to come and carry out an audit of your business get in touch today – Call 01757 212727 or email [email protected]