How to Keep Your Business Pest Free

There are several different types of pest that can cause havoc in food businesses, from ants, flies and birds to cockroaches, mice and rats.

Whether you prepare, serve, sell or store food, keeping your premises pest-free is an ongoing task that needs to be kept on top of. Not having a proper plan in place can lead to infestations and damage, as well as causing you to lose stock and money, as well as risking your reputation.

There are steps you can take to keep your business pest free, some are things you can do yourself and are common sense. Others need a professional pest management company to handle, pest control is not something that should be attempted by untrained people as it is nowhere near as effective.

  • Check all windows and doors for gaps and damage, and get them fixed immediately to prevent pests from accessing the premises. This is especially important during winter as pests will be looking for food and shelter when it’s cold outside and food is scarce. Unless you are handy with tools it’s best to get this done professionally to ensure the work lasts. It will also show environmental health that you are serious about maintaining high standards.
  • If you have to keep doors and windows open it is advisable to fix fly screens over them. These are available in all sizes and in a variety of styles to suit different business’s needs. They are essential in the fight against flying insects.
  • To prevent birds from nesting and causing damage/ leaving mess in and around your property you can have bird-netting installed where they are likely to perch.
  • It goes without saying that anywhere that prepares and stores food must be kept spotlessly clean to prevent attracting pests. Clear up any spillages immediately and empty bins regularly.
  • Ensure food is stored securely in airtight containers with well-fitting lids. Replace any that are damaged immediately, it only takes a tiny split for an infestation to start.
  • Keep your outside area clean and free of spillages, and check regularly for signs of pests, including droppings and damage.
  • Having a pest management plan in place is essential to keep compliant with current regulations. This ensures that regular checks are made, any issues are dealt with and everything is recorded.
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How can Shield help?

Shield are experts in keeping businesses pest-free and have many years of experience with both food-related and non-food establishments. We have our own bespoke reporting system, ShieldNet, that provides detailed and user-friendly reporting and trending of your pest management requirements, which saves time and stress. It provides real-time information 24/7 so you can rest assured that your premises are getting the best protection.

Autumn Pests To Look Out For

As the weather starts to turn cooler, many pests will look for places to get out of the cold. If you run any kind of commercial business that deals with food, either storing, preparing or serving, it’s essential that you know what autumn pests you may encounter. Knowing how to prevent a pest infestation is key to keeping your property compliant with hygiene regulations.

Rats and Mice

Rodents will naturally gravitate to buildings at this time of year as they seek warmth and food. They are attracted to foodstuffs, smells of cooking, stored food and waste food are all likely to get their attention. Checking your property regularly for possible entry points is a good idea, as you may also spot signs of activity such as droppings and teeth marks. Keep any outside waste bins securely covered up to prevent rodents from accessing them, and make sure any spills are cleaned up straight away. If any bins are damaged, replace them as quickly as possible. Inside your premises, the same rules apply; check for access points that may not be visible from the outside, keep food securely stored, and clean up any spills immediately.


At this time of year ants will be starting to stockpile food for the winter, so will seek out easy places to get food. Entry points are more difficult to spot due to their size, but there will usually be a pile of dirt where they have excavated a tunnel. They work as a team so if ants have invaded your property you will invariably see a line of ants going to and from the food source. As with rodents, keeps food secured and keep your premises spotlessly clean. Use disinfectant as the smell will deter ants from entering the building.

autumn pests - ants


No-one wants a fly infestation to affect their business as the repercussions can be far-reaching. Closure, loss of revenue and the effect it can have on your reputation can be disastrous to food-related businesses. To prevent flies from entering your property cleanliness is the key. Flies are attracted to warmth and food and can breed very fast, so putting preventative measures in place really does pay dividends.

autumn pests - flies

How can we help

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself with a pest infestation speed is key, so get in touch immediately. Our highly-trained staff will visit your premises to identify the scale of the problem and will work with you to create a tailored plan to deal with the pests. We are audit compliant and provide detailed reports at all stages of our work to ensure you are kept informed of the work carried out. We work with many large organisations and have years of experience so you can rest assured that with Shield you are in safe hands.

Ongoing preventative treatment

Once your pest problem is cleared up we offer a regular plan to keep you pest-free. This includes regular visits to carry out risk assessments, check on housekeeping and identify any possible issues that could lead to a recurrence of pest infestations. Our reporting tool, ShieldNet, means all parties are kept updated on visits and actions carried out or required.

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What to do if you spot pests

Professional, effective and compliant Pest Control from Shield Pest Management

Whether you manage a small kitchen, storage warehouse or major food manufacturing site, chances are you will encounter the need for pest management at some point. Whatever pests you come across, we have the expertise to eradicate them, prevent them from returning and help to keep you compliant.

Time is of the essence

If you suspect you have a pest issue, give Shield a call. We understand how important it is to keep your business free of pests and deal with any issues professionally, effectively and with the minimum of fuss. If you are an audited client, we provide the specialist knowledge you need through our fully compliant Integrated Pest Management service.

What pests to look out for

Mice and rats, flies and stored product insects are all major pests in the UK food production and preparation industry.  Ideally, you should have at least one member of staff who is familiar with pest management and knows the warning signs of an infestation. If not, we offer training in basic pest awareness that covers subjects like types of pest, legislation, prevention and how we control pests.

Affects of pest infestation

The impact on any business affected by a pest infestation can be huge; from loss of reputation to failed audits, non-compliance and financial loss.

Pests can damage property, infest stock and produce and cause you to fall foul of food safety regulations risking improvement notices and even prosecution. 

So what can you do…

Call in the real experts! Shield Pest Management is a local, family run business with many years’ experience working in the commercial pest sector. All of our staff are highly trained in the latest techniques and products and our fully qualified technicians and field biologists will ensure that your business remains pest free. Our Integrated Pest Management approach provides an environmentally aware service that protects every aspect of your operation whilst offering compliance to BRC, Soil Association, M&S and many more. Our reports are prepared in great detail, using either paper-based folders or our unique site-tailored online tool providing peace of mind that your operation is protected.

Keeping pest free

Our web-based service tracker constantly analysis our service so we never miss a visit or a call-out. All aspects of our visits are recorded in detail with relevant photographs including our findings, recommendations, actions taken, products used and preventative measures put in place. We offer regular site reviews and strive to be your trusted pest control partner.

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