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“I am the Quality Manager for a food production site in Grimsby and I have been asked to provide a testimonial for Shield Pest Management who have had the contract for our business for approximately the last six years.

I have an excellent relationship with Keith and his team which has grown over the years due to their excellent service. I trust them implicitly which is paramount as they are often required to visit site out of hours when I am not always here. They have a swipe card to access all areas and a key to my office where the logs are kept so that they can complete the paperwork in a timely manner and I can see at a glance where we are with any issues that we have either called them in to address or they have highlighted on either their six weekly routines or three-monthly biologist visits. On top of this, they manage and service our EFK units.

They are always at the end of a phone should I need them 24/7 and have given me extensive advice and support when approached.

Keith visits site himself four times a year when we have a sit-down and address and document any issues that have arisen in the previous three months and I keep him notified of any external audits we have had or in the diary for the future, although to be fair most of our audits are now unannounced. I have called them in to assist with audits when necessary.

Our site is extensive and Shield manages our production, ingredient stores and warehouses plus our engineering stores, dry stores and other ancillary buildings. They also have the weed control contract.

Our business is sited on the docks so we have an on-going issue with external rats which they have greatly reduced with external baits and surveillance. We have a resident fox that was causing us great concern but they kept him at bay with pheromone spraying. One of the biggest issues we have around our site is seagulls. Shield now do weekly bird of prey flying and have a programme in place to reduce the nesting and breeding of the birds on our roof areas by pricking and removing the eggs. Although this is a five-year programme we are now into our third year and the results have been very fruitful.”

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