LED Fly Killers

Fly control units have been around for over 100 years, and have remained mostly unchanged, but innovation has finally caught up and the next generation of fly control units has arrived. Modern LED fly control units are low-energy, high performance, efficient and eco-friendly.

Traditional UV fly units use bulbs that produce phosphor to lure flies in with UV light, which is invisible to the human eye but is enticing for flies. LED units use electrical currents to create UV light, and the difference is amazing!

The bulbs in traditional units have a fairly short lifespan as they lose their effectiveness, so need replacing at least once a year. They are fairly expensive to run and make a humming noise that we’re all familiar with.

The benefits of the newer versions are

  • Longer lasting – Over 10x longer than traditional bulbs with over 20,000 hours of use
  • Safer
  • Run more efficiently so they save you money
  • Less fragile and more durable
  • Easy to install and move
  • Quiet running – no annoying humming
  • LEDs give off 1/5th less heat so are ideal for summer use
LED fly killer

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Fly Control for Businesses

Fly control

Flies are one of the most prevalent pests to be found in homes and businesses, more so in the summer months. They pose a huge risk to human health and can spread diseases such as Salmonella and E. Coli.

If you run or manage a food business, whether it’s a pub, restaurant, hotel, bakery, food factory or anywhere that handles or serves food, you can’t afford a pest infestation. Not only will you lose revenue but your reputation will take a hit, particularly with social media! One damaging post can see you shut down for good.

How to Spot a Fly Infestation

There are many fly species, some more common than others, but they can all pose a threat to your business so it is important to know what the signs of a fly infestation are.

  • Seeing flies in your property
  • Small dark spots on surfaces, clusters about the size of a pinhead
  • Maggots – this could be an indication of breeding

If you see any of these signs it is important that you take action quickly before it gets out of hand. While DIY fly products may help you catch the flies, professional help will be required to eradicate any eggs or larvae. Some species of fly mature from egg to adult in only 7 days, creating a huge problem for food production businesses.

The risks of a fly infestation are

  • Spreading of disease
  • Food contamination
  • Loss of licence
  • Loss of business and damage to reputation

Expert Help is at Hand

Before it becomes a huge problem, call in the experts. We will help identify the problem, remove potential breeding grounds and ensure the flies are eliminated.

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Our BPCA trained technicians will identify the fly species, as they all have different characteristics and are attracted to different foods. We will deal with the adult flies with the correct safe and effective treatments and also deal with any breeding areas such as bins and open food packages or badly stored food.

We offer a cleanup service to remove any trace of the infestation, making sure you are able to pass hygiene inspections and not lose business or your reputation.

It is important to keep on top of pest control so we offer training in basic pest management; how to identify pests, how to prevent pests from entering the building and how to maintain a cleaning schedule to keep your premises scrupulously clean.


Our aftercare packages offer pest prevention treatments and regular checks to maintain a pest-free environment.

We have many years’ experience in the pest management industry and maintain our excellent reputation by keeping our staff highly trained in all aspects of pest control, legislation and products available.

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