Bird Control

Bird Control

In the UK there are Laws to protect all species of birds, here at Shield Pest Management we understand and appreciate that. However, they can be a huge problem in the workplace, especially on food handling sites, responsible for disease transmission, insect infestations and damage to property.

We are capable of applying all available proofing methods to prevent birds from roosting or nesting on your property. We carry out a thorough survey to determine the best method to apply, on some occasions ongoing treatments can be required and we can offer these as part of any Pest Control contract.

Our skilled and experienced team are able to offer a solution to any pest bird problem in any situation.

Bird Fouling Removal

Any level of bird activity will create bird fouling which can cause a slip hazard. Bird droppings when wet can be extremely slippery and if allowed to accumulate on steps or pavements there is a very real risk of accidents resulting in possible litigation and costly compensation.

Risk of disease is often associated with bird activity. Known diseases associated with birds are ornithosis (often confused with the common cold) and Salmonella (food poisoning). This clearly has serious health and safety implications.

Here at Shield, we offer a comprehensive bio-clean service to remove all fouling and associated debris, reducing the risk to you or your business and leaving the area clean and fresh.

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