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Building Disinfectant And Sanitation Services From Shield

We provide all kinds of bio-hazard cleaning and disinfectant services for homes, restaurants and cafe’s, gyms, offices, hospitals, schools and large warehouses including space fumigation, desk and computer cleaning and surface disinfectant.

With more than 105 countries around the world now impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, Shield has recognised the significant role it can play in helping to prevent the deadly virus spreading further using our comprehensive range of building disinfection and sanitation services.

Given the coronavirus is new, no one can yet test their coronavirus disinfectant products specifically against this strain of the virus. However, coronaviruses are part of the “enveloped viruses” family, which includes other well-known and identified diseases such as influenza.

Current coronavirus disinfectant sprays have been tested against existing enveloped viruses and have been proven to be effective at destroying those germs.
Because of their proven effectiveness against other viruses in the same family, there is confidence existing professional disinfection sprays will work on this new strain.

We use high efficacy disinfectant products which are routinely used during bio-hazard maintenance cleaning and are highly effective at eliminating bacteria.