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Pest Awareness Training

A clean, well maintained and pest-proofed building will usually result in a pest free environment

During the past 10 years, pest awareness training has become more important due to food retailers expecting personnel on sites that produce food or related products to be suitably trained in pest control. The Tesco specification states that a trained company employee must be accountable for managing the pest control programme.

Course content:

Section 1 – What is a pest?
Section 2 – Why do we carry out pest control?
Section 3 – Control and how we implement our services
Section 4 – Legislation
Section 5 – Conforming to audits with examples (bait formulas implemented)
Section 6 – Types of pest
Section 7 – Mice (all pests to include biology and control etc)
Section 8 – Rats
Section 9 – Hygiene (why critical to clean)
Section 10 – Proofing (all types of proofing measures)



The training course provides basic knowledge and an understanding of the major pest species, legislation involved with pest control and information on why hygiene, housekeeping and proofing are critical in preventing pest infestations and aids in keeping your business pest free.

At the end or during the course any questions will be answered. Upon completion, there will be a basic test with up to 15 questions covering details discussed during the training. Once successful Shield will supply a training certificate to comply with auditory requirements