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Audit Compliant Pest Control

Our aim is to provide our audited customers with a pest free environment, protecting their business and reputation whilst assisting in passing all client audits.

Our key service provides audited client pest management and compliance which includes working with third-party auditors across numerous business streams. Our on-site service and reporting systems ensure compliant pest management services for various organisations including the British Retail Consortium (BRC), Marks and Spencer, Red Tractor, Soil Association, Morrisons, Heinz and Tesco.

If your business is looking for an expert to provide high-quality Field Biologist Inspections, we provide an independent service.
With both highly qualified technical staff and dedicated field biologist, we provide an Integrated Pest Management service designed around you.
We currently provide our services to many major food organisations in the north of England giving us the experience and expertise needed to keep you pest free and audit compliant.


Providing either traditional paper reporting or using our next level online system ShieldNet, we produce detailed reports on each visit. These will highlight pest activity, proofing or housekeeping issues and recommendations all designed to help maintain a pest-free environment and satisfy client audits. Site plans, checklists and trending, biologist reports, risk assessments and COSHH information are all part of our integrated service which will be tailored to your individual requirements by our expert staff.