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Fly Control Units

Flying insects are a nuisance and a health hazard that can contaminate food, equipment and surfaces with the large number of pathogens they carry. Flies can be a major risk to public health and your business so we offer a full range of fly control units designed to keep your business safe and compliant.

Traditional Electronic Fly Killers and Glue Board Units (EFK’s)

EFK’s are a very effective tool in removing the risks associated with fly activity. They work by attracting the flies with UV light and then either destroying them on an electronic killing grid or trapping them on a glue board.
With the support of industry-leading manufacturers, we are able to supply and service a comprehensive range of units for any application including front of house and IP rated.

New Game-Changing LED Technology

Designed around the UV LED source, Infiniti® delivers game-changing unique fly killer technology to the professional flying insect control market. Infiniti® differentiates itself from other glueboard fly killers by utilising a unique patented glueboard and patented UV source to deliver superb efficacy. Fly catch trials have shown that Infiniti® offers comparable catch results to a traditional 45W UV fly killer which uses fluorescent lamps whilst offering 67% savings in energy running costs

We only ever use branded shatter-resistant tubes. For audited sites, we are able to offer a catch analysis to assist in controlling and monitoring pest activity.

Find out why Infiniti® is so effective here – Infiniti® Video

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