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The pests you need to be wary of in the winter months are mice, rats, flies and cockroaches. As the weather gets colder they start to look for warm places to nest and multiply.

Mice and rats

These rodents will enter businesses as the weather cools down and their natural food sources dry up. They are particularly attracted to food storage and preparation areas, so if you run a café, restaurant, hotel, bakery or other food-related business you need to be wary of these potential pests. Once they find access to food they will soon help themselves to whatever is available.

Rats and mice are very destructive and will gnaw through walls, wires and pipes, causing untold damage. Rats especially have extremely strong teeth and have been known to chew through brick and concrete, causing structural damage. 

Flies and cockroaches

During the winter months you are less likely to see flies and cockroaches, mainly because they are attracted to warmth, and will soon set up home and rapidly multiply if left unchecked.

They are a particular nuisance to service industries such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals, where they are well-known for spreading diseases and germs.


How to deal with an infestation

As with all pests at any time of the year, it is important to check the outside of your property for any obvious access points including damaged mortar, wood or door seals. The smallest hole can become very enticing to a cold and hungry insect or rodent.

Ensure that all outdoor areas are kept clean and any spills of food are cleaned up immediately. Keep bins securely covered and if possible don’t store them next to your property. Make sure they are emptied regularly to reduce the risk of rotting food smells attracting unwanted visitors.

It is also important to check areas that aren’t in constant use for any signs of infestation.

Keep indoor food preparation areas clean and wipe any spills or mess up immediately. Keep food securely stored in air-tight containers in cupboards or fridges to deter any pests.

Make sure you have a regular cleaning routine in place to keep on top of things and reduce the risk of pests gaining access to your property.

If you have any concerns about winter pests and would like to discuss preventative measures, or you have an infestation that needs dealing with, give us a call on 01757 212727 or drop us an email at [email protected].